Early NZ History


As a project I have developed a genealogical database to try and capture every known instance of Early European contact with New Zealand starting with the speculative arrival of the Portugese explorer Christopher MENDONCA in 1521 and including information through to the end of 1845 when New Zealand had a European population of around 7,000 people.  The database now has around 30,000 names. Where known the database includes genealogical data such as parents, spouses, siblings, children etc. See also a comprehensive time line of NZ History.

In the process of gathering data I have established the following databases:

I would appreciate corresponding with any other researchers who may be able to supply or correct  information or who may wish me to provide information by “look up” from the database.  email me

I am grateful for all of the information that has already been gathered and which is available on a number of excellent web sites. In addition I am researching early papers and books and databases available in NZ libraries. Sources are available for all information.

This is an ongoing project and therefore if you have an interest in the information I suggest you return periodically to check on this site for updated information. I will try and keep the information as up to date as possible.

Note: if you need sources for any material or events please check with me.

Whilst all care is taken researchers need to refer to original source material as far as possible.

(under action:  installing further searchable databases (e.g. BDM)  but need to find out how to add these.!)

Tony Christiansen   Great Barrier Island   New Zealand. NZSG #6143   email me